21 November 2010

Gulf Air

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Gulf Air - "Guaranteed to make you smile"

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Gulf Air used to be a very large airline and very popular, it was almost as big as Emirates. With the launch and expansion of Etihad Airways however some of Gulf Airs  destinations were taken away and as a result the airline has shrunk significantly. Gulf Air is based in Bahrain a small island East of Saudi and North-west of Qatar. At present it appears that they are only hiring Bahraini nationals though in the past they have hired crew world-wide.

The information on this website is more scattered than other airline career sites but if you head to the FAQ page you'll be able to find the details. Also don't forget that they have the "Sky Nanny" positions available which other airlines we have covered so far do not.

Location: You will be based in Bahrain
Age: 20-30years
Accommodation: Company provided shared accommodation with 1-2 people.
Salary: Tax free salary, allowances and end-of-service benefits depending on length of employment (Unspecified)
Annual Leave: One free annual leave ticket per year
Healthcare: Company provided including dental
Travel Discounts: Available to you and certain family members travelling on Gulf Air and partner airlines
Training period: 8 weeks

I have also found the below details taken from the Gulf Airs Bahrani Nationals - Flight Attendant vacancy page (so please be aware that these may only apply to Bahraini Nationals applying)

Height: Min 5 feet 3 inches (1.58m) tall
Leave: 36 days
Status: Single with no children
Qualifications: University/College

I have had some difficulty finding cabin crew blogs or many forum sites but here is a list of sites/articles that i could find:
Gulf Air Crew & Ground Staff (ex & current) Facebook page 
Skytrax passenger reviews

If your a Gulf Air flight attendant and would like to share your blog, please contact me via email (see the about me page) or include your site by posting a comment.


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  1. Here's something interesting I learnt the other day. I always thought Sky Nanny was a dedicated crew member, but apparently the regular crew take turns getting assigned this position on alternating flights.

    Makes sense I suppose!