09 November 2010

Cheeky Air New Zealand ads

Hearing: (You make me) Smile - Uncle Kracker

Recently my manager at work brought to my attention some clever (albiet cheeky) Air New Zealand ads. Now this manager has travelled with several airlines and now refuses to travel with any airline other than Singapore and Emirates. But as a result of these ads he said, and i quote: "i am so going to fly with them next time just coz of those ads!"

The Air New Zealand adverts are 5 in total and promote the new seating and service for their new 777-300 aircrafts. Check them out for yourself at the Air New Zealand You Tube channel - my favs are Happy Hour and The Intimate Art of Touch (included below).

And no this post was not sponsored by Air New Zealand or anyone else...i really think they are clever and a bit naughty which is a refreshing change in advertising and from airlines who take themselves far too seriously.


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