27 October 2010

Qatar Airways

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Next up is a post on Qatar Airways Cabin Crew. Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar, a small country located on a small penninsula west of the UAE.

Image from: http://www.qatarairways.com/global/en/homepage.html

This airline has a reputation for being strict and even assigning cabin crew curfew! However, as always, hearesay should be taken with a pinch of salt. The Cabin Crew jobsite is quite comprehensive. The information below has been taken direct from their cabin crew information pages.

Location: You will be based in Doha, the capital
Age: Minimum 20 years
Height: You need to be able to reach 212cm
Contract: 3 year open ended contract
Accommodation: company provided, furnished shared with own bedroom
Salary: Tax Free - 1579 USD inclusive flying pay and location specific layover meal allowance + you get an unspecified welcome bonus + end of service benifits
Healthcare: Medical care + life insurance provided by company
Travel Discounts: with Qatar and its partner airlines
Education: At minimum you must have completed High School

At the time of writing this post there were a number of scheduled open days (no invitation letter required), it is best to check here for an updated schedule

For those of you interested in Private Flying, Qatar Airways have their own version called Executive Crew which you can apply for on their website if they have a job advertised. You do need 5 years experience though.

Qatar forum threads (bear in mind some information here might be outdated):

Some Qatar Cabin Crew Blogs:
http://cabincrewwall.com/qatar/doha/ (only 4 posts about the open days intervies and first impressions of Qatar)
http://devilboy69.multiply.com/journal (last post was October 2009)

Unfortunately those are the only blogs from Qatar crew i could find. I did hear from a friend that they are very strict with people who blog about their airline so its highly possible there are more out there they are just not saying who they work for. If you do come across any please let me know! Better yet, if your a Qatar Airways FA and wish to help others achieve their dream to fly but want to stay anonymous flick me an email!


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