20 September 2010

Aviointeriors Skyrider

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We interrupt the Airline Cabin Crew Career Information posts for some airline crazyness...

.....saddle seats with 23 inches of leg room...no im not joking.

To have a peek at this new development head on over to the Sydney Morning Herald gallery here.

These seats were designed by Aviointeriors, an Italian company that specialises in providing aircraft interior products.


I can see Ryanair taking an interest in this new seating style...Ryanair has become infamous in the airline industry for its drastic measures to save money, at one point it was looking at charging for the use of onboard lavetories and selling tickets for standing room only. More recently they have caused a stir for claiming they were seeking approval to remove co-pilots from short-haul flights and instead train up cabin crew to assist (click here for guardian article). I know that even while people complain about cost cutting, they will still buy cheap airfares, air safety should always come first...no execeptions not even to save money.

I digress...after investing in the development of these seats, it will be interesting to see which airlines will be willing to fork out to have them installed on their aircraft! Low cost carriers? Airlines based in countries with large populations? Time will tell who the buyers will be and if passengers are willing to give them a go too.

Would you fly an airline with such seats? How long would you willing to be seated in them? Post a comment and let me know!


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