02 August 2010

Etihad Airways

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Next up - Etihad Airways! Similar to Emirates, this post is on everything Etihad Cabin Crew i could pull together. Just like Mel from Tampax Towers did in the Emirates post, feel free to add anything by posting a comment or contacting me!

Etihad Airways - It is the national carrier of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) - not Emirates as most people beleive. It is based in Abu Dhabi one of the other Emirates in the UAE.

Their Cabin Crew jobsite has been updated since i first started writing this post. It still has lots of information cabin crew wannabes want to know. Make sure you check out the FAQ section for Cabin Crew as there is valuable stuff there and also do a job search for "cabin crew" for some additional information. Be sure to refer to information on the Etihad website before listening to what anyone else says/what you hear elsewhere. I have summarised some of the information here to act as a quick reference but make sure visit the website too!

Location: You will be based in Abu Dhabi
Age: Minimum 21 years
Height: 162cm. You need to be able to reach 214cm without shoes
Salary: unspecified - tax free
Experience Required: 2 years customer service (part time for 2 years is accepted)
Other: Ability to swim at least 25m unaided in open water, without a flotation devic

Assessment Day Schedule (taken from the cabin crew job advert on their crew website - please note that you do need an invite to attend):

August 2010
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Milan, Italy- Cabin Crew Open Day on 5th August at Radisson Blu Milan, 0830 am- 1030 am*
Athens, Greece-  Cabin Crew Open Day on 3rd August at Crowne Plaza Hotel Athens City, 0830 am- 1030 am*

Barcelona, Spain
Dusseldorf, Germany
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
London, United Kingdom
September 2010
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oslo, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Helsinki, Finland
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Bratislava, Slovakia
 * Please bring a copy of your updated CV, one passport sized photograph and copy of your passport details page.

Etihad forum threads (bear in mind some information here might be outdated):

Some Etihad Cabin Crew Blogs:

A lot of these blogs talk about the travel side of the job but there are some nuggets of information for the hungry wannabe (like i used to be) which gives a personal insight in to what it is really like to live in Abu Dhabi and work for Etihad.
If anyone comes across any other website that may be useful please let me know. In the meantime good luck to all those interested in applying for Etihad, i wish you well and email me if you want to share your experience!


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