05 April 2010

Flight Attendant Wannabes

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I have been recently inspired to try and post some useful information for all those looking to get their wings. Being a flight attendant for me was a dream come true, to get paid to travel around the world, sleep in gorgeous hotels, have the uniform that makes people look and wish they were you or wonder about the exciting life you lead. I have mentioned in previous posts that the reality is not really like that but it never stopped me for going for my dream job, and after leaving i have no regrets. I strongly recommend for anyone interested in getting a flight attendant job to go for it! No matter what anyone says, everyone will agree that it is worth the experience and the lifelong friends you make.

So in that spirit here are a few sites to get the flight attendant job seeker - aka flight attendant wannabe - a start in their research.

One of my favourites is PPrune. It was where i met Tray and got in touch with someone who helped me get to the open day of the airline i ended up working for. It is a web forum filled with people helping each other out with info on airlines and some interview advice. Do use your common sense though as some things need to be taken with a grain of salt. The best page is the aptly named Cabin Crew Wannabes.

While the PPrune forum is good for personal info and networking you should always check what the airline has to say on their job pages. As i worked for a Middle-East airline I've got some links below direct to the Cabin Crew pages for a bunch of Middle-East airlines which are very good at hiring expats - ie, you don't have to be a citizen of that country to be hired.

Emirates Cabin Crew
Qatar Airways Cabin Crew
Etihad Airways - Main Careers Page (cabin crew recruitment schedule)
Gulf Air - Flight attendants (scroll to the bottom for links to interview dates/recruitment process/career development pages)
Royal Jordanian - Flight Attendant Careers page
Oman Air - Cabin Crew Recruitment (This was a tricky one to find. Sorry guys, only female expats accepted)
Air Arabia - Careers page (note: Air Arabia is a low cost "no frills" carrier)
Bahrain Air Cabin Crew Careers (Relatively new airline - started in 2007. Appears to be a low cost "no frills" carrier)
Middle East Airlines - They only recruit nationals (Lebanese Citizens) but I've included them here just in case anyone was wondering about them.
Kuwait Airways - The site has a link to the Careers page but it doesn't work. They do have a contact form where you can select Job opportunities from the drop down list.
Saudi Airlines - They have a career page where you need to login, but i couldn't find where to sign up! There are contacts for Human Resources though that might be handy if you are interested.

Airlines without careers pages but might be worth a look at the contact us page if your really interested:
Egypt Air
Iran Air
Palestinian Airlines
El AL (Israel Airline)
Arkia (Israel)

If any links are broken please let me know.

I will do my best at adding any more i come across and if there are any missing you would like me to add then just shoot me an email. I'll even try to post airline specific posts with as much information as i can find to help provide all future flight attendants with a good resource for their research. If you already are a flight attendant with any of the above airlines and want to share your knowledge and experience to help others achieve their dream please contact me.

I'll also try to be comprehensive and add other airlines from different continents but given the number of airlines it might take a while!!!

From one ex-FA to all FA wannabes,

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