11 April 2010


Hearing: Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

As promised here is a post on everything Emirates Cabin Crew i could pull together. Feel free to add anything by posting a comment or contacting me!

image from http://www.emiratesgroupcareers.com/english/Careers_Overview/cabin_crew/default.aspx

Emirates Airlines - for those who dont know - is the most popular airline in the Middle-East and the one that most people want to join. Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The Cabin Crew jobsite has a lot of information most applicants want to know, eg, minimum age, height 'restrictions', pay etc. I recommend you rely on that information first before any other source. I have summarised some of the information here to act as a quick reference but do have a look at the information provided on the website, even the FAQ page has additional info!

Location: You will be based in Dubai
Age: Minimum 21 years
Height: You need to be able to reach 212cm (standing with ur arms stretched above ur head)
Contract: 3 years non-binding with 6 months probationary period. It can be renewed for another 3 years
Accommodation: Company provided (which means free with no electricity/water/phone bills!!)
Salary: (in 3 parts)
     -  3915 dirhams (approx 1065 USD) tax free per month
     -  53.50 dirhams per hour paid between chocks off and chocks on
     -  meal allowance in the currency of the country of layover
Annual Leave: 30 days + one free annual leave ticket per year
Healthcare: Medical care + life insurance provided by company
Travel Discounts: Some available on joining, others after probationary period.

Emirates run a number of Global Open Days throughout the year in various locations, for details check out this page. There are currently several scheduled for April and May 2010. Global Open Days are usually very busy. Bring your resume and photos and most importantly you need a lot of patience. The day serves mainly as an introduction to the company and there is time later to submit your resume and say a quick hello to the recruiters.

Global Assessment Days on the other hand are by appointment only and you need to submit your resume beforehand. For that schedule click here.

Emirates forum threads (bear in mind some information here might be outdated):

Some Emirates Cabin Crew Blogs:
Maicon Soares An Emirates wannabe blog!

A lot of these blogs talk about the travel side of the job but there are some nuggets of information for the hungry wannabe (like i used to be) which gives a personal insight in to what it is really like to live in Dubai and work for Emirates.

If anyone comes across any other website that may be useful please let me know. In the meantime good luck to all those interested in applying for Emirates, i wish you well and email me if you want to share your experience!



  1. Hey GP - Just wanted to clarify that the phone bills are not covered by the airline. You get a phone allowance (about 40dh or so a month) and any amount after that you must fork out for. Also at the moment all landline calls within Dubai are free of charge.

    Mel - TampaxTowers

  2. Thanks Mel! I really appreciate your input.

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