03 October 2009


Hearing: Agnes - Release Me

Chaktuchak Weekend Markets
These markets are massive and are only open on the weekend. They sell almost everything you can think of, furniture, clothes, household goods, jewelery, pets, ornamentals and much more! You can spend hours just wandering around looking and things - and you can quite easily get lost too. One way to get to the markets is to walk through a park near the train station. Some school kids were doing an assignment and a boy approached me with a survey about Thai food all in English to practice. They were really sweet and as i love Thai food i was more than happy to answer their questions. I even got a photo taken with them but i cant seem to find it.

Anyway getting back on track. The photos below are from the markets and some of the funky stuff on sale. One photo is of the infamous Bangkok traffic - see the blue taxi...and the clothes photo - no its not for dolls, its dog clothes, there were a bunch of shops specialising in all sorts of dog outfits!

The last photo is Tom Yum Soup. It is devine! Usually made with prawns or seafood this is such an addictive dish. There is a small restaurant near Pantip Plaza (a technology mall) which sells this soup for 35-40 bhat (about one dollar) and its one of the best ive had. Even the dish they serve it in is cool. By the way, since coming back to Sydney, ive tried a Tom Yum here (13 dollars) and they had noodles in it!! So very wrong...lol!

Wat Arun - The Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun is a beautiful temple. The best time to go is either at dawn as the name suggests or dusk. Of course you can go during the day when you can walk around inside but going at night is something a little different and you get the place to yourself. To get there, try taking the local water taxis, one guy tried to charge 400-600bhat for a private trip there and back but with the local ferry/taxi its 3bhat (or was it 6bhat?) per sector. Now thats a big difference! So be adventurous and try them, you get a cool ride on the river with the rest of the locals on a traditional motorised long boat and a view of the temple from a very different angle.

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

Its not as sleazy as it sounds!! I tried to find a link to the restaurant in Bangkok but google advised that its an unsafe site so your just going to have to trust me on this (you can find its sister restaurant site in the Birds and Bees Resort, Pattaya here).

Initially my flatmate mentioned it to me (when we were both FA's) so i had to go check it out for myself.

Street food for dinner

Next stop - Ayutthaya


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