22 September 2009

Thailand trip updates

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Its high time i posted about my trip to Thailand dont you think?

I think i'll break my posts up according to the main places i visited though otherwise it will be a marathon post! Be warned, they will be photo intense!!
So starting with Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Chiang Mai - Doi Inthanon - Phuket - Phang Nanga Bay. Hmm and i think i'll make a seperate post about the local carriers too. I think our carriers in Australia can learn a thing or two.

Overall it was a brilliant trip. The moment i set foot in Bangkok i felt like id arrived home...Hmmm i'm sure ive said that somewhere before and im sorry if im repeating myself. Can i just say Thai Airways are just lovely to fly with! I have this habit now of always watching what the flight attendants do in regards to safety demos and service and comparing with my old airline or other airlines ive flown with. Needless to say that from a service point of view they were very sweet and wonderful.

Hmm looks like this post is already turning into a post about carriers...well why not? I flew with Thai Airways from Sydney to Bangkok return. Learn to love online check in people!! I picked myself a window seat before leaving home, and skipped the long que when i arrived at the airport, the look on peoples faces...they must have thought i was que-jumping! Anyway i digress...From Bangkok to Chiang Mai i flew Air Asia. Chiang Mai to Phuket was the "we fly smiles" Nok Air and Phuket to Bangkok was One-Two-Go (operated by Orient Thai). All were wonderful as low cost carriers go. And beleive it or not, you dont have to pay for everything, they offered free drinks (non-alcholoic of course) and peanuts/savoury snacks. Well done i say! It just that little bit extra that is really appreciated. You wont get that on Virgin Blue or Jetstar here! And they were so, so cheap!

Being an ex-flight attendant im also in the habit of reading the safety card each time i get on a new aircraft. I came across one on Nok Air that was really brilliant and different. They used cartoon anime to illustrate the safety card. It really got my attention and gave me a laugh too - the drawings were too cute! See for yourself!

nok air safety cardnok air safety cardnok air safety card
A handy thing to know about these carriers if you are going to use them are the airports they fly in/out of. Air Asia operates to Bangkoks Suvarnabhumi Airport but Nok Air and One-Two-Go operate out of Bangkoks Don Muang Airport. I think Don Muang is a bit closer to the city than Suvarnabhumi and it was the main airport for all international and local carriers till Suvarnabhumi was finished. Im not sure but i beleive it was a military airport before its commercial use and now most of it has closed down now save for those two low cost carriers operating out of it.

On to uniforms!

Nok Air - Canary Yellow! But somehow i like it. Googling "Nok Air Uniforms" i found a cool blog all about flight attendants that i'll be adding to my links. Click here for the post with a photo of Nok Air flight attendants in their uniform. I also found this photo which just looks fantastic.

Air Asia - Red with a white shirt, very attention getting and it looks great. You can see it on the splash page of the airlines website.

One-Two-Go - Navy suit and white shirt with coloured stripes around the neck, pics here and here.

I have to say (if you havent figured it out already) im partal to Nok Air. Its a refreshing fun airline, the colors are bright, the staff friendly, service good, cheap fares, even the planes they fly are colourfully painted with the nose painted with a beak to make it look like a bird! Look at this one.

Ok so on to the next posts. I'll try and make a post a week at the least so stay tuned!


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