20 July 2009

Hello from Kata Beach, Phuket

Hearing: Waves crashing on the beach

Yours truely is currently walking along the beach and splasing around in the shallow waters. Ive been taking some photos and just generally enjoying the view, sun, sand and the sound of the waves.

Its monsoon season and red flags are dotted right along the beach which means strong undercurrents and no swimming allowed. But everyone is ignoring that and taking a dip anyway. I actually find that a bit worring because if something should happen there are only a couple of life guards around and they are mainly towards one end of the beach.

Anyway, im not a strong swimmer so i´ll be sticking to tanning, taking photos, people watching and playing in the shallow waters to cool off. I feel very lucky because im sure it must be freezing back home and here i am on a beautiful beach with a cloudless sky and perfect water...


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