13 February 2009

Sydney Generosity

Among the generous assistance Australia has been giving to the Victorians who lost their homes and loved ones in the bush fire, today i witnessed the sweetest show of generosity a little closer to home.

I was on a train on my way for a job interview (having recently lost my job due to the financial strain of my company) and i could hear a woman nearby arguing with someone (presumably an ex-partner) on her mobile about their daughter and his lack of financial assistance and lack of presence in her life.

This went on for a good number of stops till i noticed a girl who got on at one point turning around to face this woman. I faintly heard "i dont normally do this" and "its not much before" handing her something and getting up to get off at the next stop.
Thoroughly curious i watched the woman open her hand to reveal a crisp $20 note. I was really surprised and impressed.That lovely girl had handed her some money to help out with her daughter just because she overheard the ladys conversation.

Now for those cynics who might be saying that the lady was shouting her conversation so others would feel sorry for her (as has been known to happen and i have experienced myself) let me tell you that this was not the case. Ive seen enough to know the difference.

The woman kept looking at the note and playing with it as if she couldnt quite believe it was real. A little later i heard her finally exclaim "oh my F... god!" and a bit later a sniffle or two. For my part, i was really touched by this spontaneous act of generosity and im sure i wont forget it and neither will that woman.


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