12 February 2009

Rain, rain everywhere...but not in Bathurst.

This week has given us miserable weather, the tempreture dropping below the 20 degree celcius mark. I know we need the rain but i loathe cold climate! :( So i decided to take a trip up to Bathurst. I had promised my next door neighbours kid to go up to visit him ages ago and never got round to it.

He was still on uni holidays so i made the trip up and i had lots of fun.
It took me a bus, a train and a drive to get there...i left home about 9.45am and got there about 2pm! As much as i like sitting back and watching the scenery go by or reading a book, next time i think i'll drive up.

We stopped by his place and then decided to go for a walk. It was cool but sunny and nice. Bathurst is a cute country town. The houses are picturesque and there are a few parks dotted throughout the place. The main streets are as you would expect and there are innumberable pubs (for all the uni students and visitors) and cafes. And one heck of a yummy ice-cream parlor. If ur ever in Bathurst you have to go Annie's Ice Cream Parlor. It has delicious flavours, and generous servings, and its good to munch on one while taking a walk :)

I came across a house thats right near Bathurst train station that reminded me a lot of Pippi Longstockings house. It was set on its own apart from any other houses on a large-ish bit of land, the garden was a little overgrown and there was a pirates flag flying from the upstairs balcony though it didnt come up in the photo.

I had a lot of fun walking around and just enjoying the conversation and sights. The people are really nice and friendly too which i thought was a myth about country towns but i guess not. Id like to go again just to take more decent photos of the main streets and the historic buildings - they have one which is now a boys boarding school and one which i think used to be either an orphanage or mental asylum, i really cant remember.

Oh and it was sunny the whole day :)


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