18 January 2009

Hello Melbourne!!

My goodness, it feels like a whirlwind layover... Yours truely is at this very moment sitting in Melbourne domestic airport waiting for my flight back to Sydney - its been delayed...

What am i doing here? Well my ex-flatmate E got married yesterday. She invited me down to Melbourne for the wedding reception and i had to come of course. She had a small ceremony at the Treasury Building with only her direct family and then headed home for the reception. Ive been to big weddings before and i have to say i LOVED this one. So much more personal and intimate. Just close friends and family, a small barbeque in their back yard which was lit with those flame torches in the evening. And it was just simple and lovely.
E, i really wish you all the best for your future and every happiness in life. May it always be filled with warmth, special moments and great friends. Thankyou for letting me be a part of your wedding, im honoured.

So, I arrived Friday night. I jumped on a plane right after work and touched down in Melbourne for the first time around an hour later. My friend A picked me up and we headed back to his place to dump my stuff before dinner. We stayed up chatting so much that night that we slept in the next day... Of course between sleeping in and my E's wedding reception, i didnt get to see much of Melb, but i saw enough to like it.

A and i took a tram into the city yesterday which dropped us off infront of the Queen Victoria Markets, my gosh they were HUGE! We walked through them and i sorely wanted to stop and look at all the things they had but excercised incredible restraint because i also wanted to see the city.

Since we skipped breakfast we were starving and A took me to lunch at this out-of-the-way shanghai dumpling place he'd found. He said they served the most authentic dumplings he's had since living in Shanghai. Well i dont know how they are in Shanghai but boy were these good!! Yummo! In the same alley-way, as we were walking out we could here someone practicing for a Chinese Opera. Standing there listening to the music drifting through that space was a very surreal experience.
We walked around some more and i took a few photos but not too many cuz i didnt want to embaress A and at that stage we were in a bit of a hurry to get back so we could change for E's wedding reception. Melb is really a beautiful city, just take a look at some of my photos below and you'll glimpse a bit of what i saw.

Thanks A for showing me around your city! And thanks for the scrumptious pancakes for brekkie this morning :) I had a great time catching up with you and hope i get the chance to come visit again soon. Always VP

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