06 December 2008

Christmas Party cruise

Its a bit early for a Christamas party but i enjoyed it all the same. We were pretty lucky the weather cleared up for that day even if it was a bit windy. We all met up at the Man 'o War steps near the Opera House and hopped on our boat to be met with drinks and canapes. It was a really pleasant day, cruising around the harbour and enjoying the sun.

So here is a small photo-guide to the day... Me and my friend at the start of the cruise - i think we were at darling harbour here. She is such a genuinely sweet person that everyone who meets her cant help but like her.

The little private beach we anchored at for lunch and a swim, the view of Sydney harbour from there and our yatch.

Our yummy, yummy lunch. Fresh oysters, massive prawns, salads, cold meats and there was a fat turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing. I had quadruple helpings of everything it was all delicious!

And lastly after the speeches - pressies!! I got a tea set which was really cute and looked fancy. thats a coffee cup in my hand by the way, it was the only bad thing about the whole day.
After all that its was one more trip around the harbour before heading back to land everyone a lot more tipsy and affectionate than they were when they left it. ;)

Hope everyone has a fabulous time at their Christmas parties too.


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