03 October 2008

Photo tour of Aleppo Citadel - Syria

The Aleppo Citadel lies in the heart of Aleppo. You can see it from almost anywhere in the city.

I came here once before, almost 15 years ago and at that time they had a road that wrapped around it. This has since been moved and now in front is a paved pedestrian area with cafes and the like to cater for tourists. Aside from that i think it was a wise decision, the area is a lot more clean and less congested than it was.

My favorite place has to be the throne room. Though most of it is roped off it is worth a visit. The light filters in through the various windows and glimmers across the intricate inlaid woodwork which is stunning. It is really is much more beautiful than it appears in the photos. Oh and there is a little water fountain in the middle, just for good measure.

Below are some photos from around the Citadel. In one you can see the amphitheater with white plastic chairs lined up. They still use it on occasions for concerts or special events. As the castle is located on elevated ground, you can view Aleppo city sprawled out before you from any lookout or vantage point. Unfortunately i just noticed that i dont have a suitable photo as an example to post up for you. If you want to find out more about the history of this place i suggest Googling Aleppo Citadel rather than Aleppo Castle as it will give you better results. Alternatively you can click here for Wikipedia or here for another site.

Below ive added some other random photos from around Aleppo. The 1st is of the main train station. I recommend traveling by train from Damascus to Aleppo if your schedule allows it. They have express trains which are quite nice and fast. The others include a main plaza with the statue of the late President Hafez Al Assad, the entrance to their Central Park and Saadallah al-Jabiri Square which serves as a monument to those who gave their lives in the struggle to be independent from France.

Always, VP

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