18 July 2008


Hearing: quiet conversations

Good news people!!

Finally we got a car!!! YAY!! Its such a fab little thing. A Mazda 323 hatchback. Its a 99 model but who cares? It goes really well ("Zoom, Zoom".) and is good on fuel too. And i love the freedom of now being about to come home whenever i like and not having to worry about the bus timetable! We bought it home on Sunday and already its a relief. And this weekend is mine to do as i please, no more car shopping!!!!

But wait there's more!

I heard back from the data recovery place that i sent in my damaged external hard drive to. All my travel photos and video clips are safe! The only files damaged are of TV episodes which i don't really care about. AND while still quite expensive, its not as much as what i was expecting! I'm over the moon about the results and very happy to have my travel memories back. :D :D

Well id better get back to work - lunch breaks over! Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!


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