17 June 2008

Where does the time go?


I began this post to write about what ive been upto and it strangely turned into a career should i/shouldnt i? post. CTRL+A and Del.

The past few weeks have been very busy. Lets see...there was my brother selling his beautiful motorbike to a hot guy who i still wish id given my number to. And the past couple of weekends ive been spending lots of time out shopping around and looking at cars.


There was a highschool reunion! Actually it was more of a catch-up at a bar/pub near where my old highschool used to be. And yes i went along. I know most people couldnt care less but i was curious as to what happened with everyone and also to see how i would feel. I was an out-cast in highschool and a total dag and no im not exaggerating. I was a little anxious beforehand but I went along with a friend of mine and im happy to say i felt - im not sure how to explain it - but indifferent might be close enough. I had a lot of fun catching up with some people i knew and hadnt seen in ages. I also heard countless "so what have you been up to stories" and i didnt feel the need to brag about travelling the world (any FA inherent right i think!). I felt pretty darn good! I think its a sign that youve come a long way when your thrown into your past and not only do you not fall into you old habits but dont try to overcompensate either and you just feel comfortable in your own skin.

My study (which i mentioned before) is taking a lot of discipline. So far ive only managed to finish studying the basics of Dreamweaver. I really should be doing more tutorials and start looking at Flash too but like i said studying on your own really requires discipline and to be honest im not really good with that.

And as for the career thing, i think im going to have to chuck a Briget Jones and start keeping a tally of the number of times i wish i had the FA lifestyle back...but more on that another time i think...


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