29 June 2008

Another weekend bites the dust.

Hearing: Seether - Eyes of the devil

Another day another 3 cars...i think I've lost count of how many cars I've seen these past weeks! Nothing much is eventuating from it - most cars we see look like they have been accidents which their owners either wont fess up to or deny knowing anything about. Ho hum...another weekend bites the dust...

On a totally different note. Remember that hot guy my brother sold his motorbike to i mentioned in my previous post?? Well last week i nicked his number from my brothers mobile and after a day of debating what to write i sent him a message...I actually had to physically get my friend to press the send button though!! LOL!
But i didn't get a reply...its a shame. I kinda expected it though i hoped he would reply. Anyway at least i tried right?? My love life isn't exactly eventful these days so sometimes a girls gotta make the first move. But it isn't easy i can tell you that!!
A lot has been happening at work recently. Last Friday was a colleagues birthday. The boss took him and another guy out for lunch and they didn't come back for almost 3 hours!! Needless to say that when they did get back birthday boy was a tad tipsy. And that lasted till oh...the next 3 drinks. Another colleague decided she wanted to buy him a couple of drinks and they went out and managed to be back in time for the office drinks we usually have on Fridays about 4.30pm...Needless to say the guy was trashed! He started spilling drinks, hugging and kissing everyone and at one point he insisted on teaching the guys how to pick up by showing them some dance moves - no music... I shamelessly told my boss to record him on his mobile....Come Monday morning everyone was laughing at the video clip that he mailed around - but birthday boy was a good sport and was even good humored when we teased him about all the things he *couldn't remember*...
Friday just gone we went out for drinks at The Loft in Darling Harbour which was really nice. Our bosses opened a tab and wouldn't let anyone pay! How cool is that? The work drinks thing is going to be a monthly event and it sounds good to me! I mean who would object to free drinks and a chance to check out guys in their suits?? LOL!
Aside from all that - next month we will be moving offices. The new place has a lot more space we are in dire need of and a nice view of the city. Hopefully we should be in there before the end of the month.

Well id better get to tidying up my room i haven't done anything in a week and it looks like a pigsty! Hope everyone had a FAB weekend! TC.


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  1. Ugh, car shopping sucks!!!!

    More fool Bike Guy, his loss!!! Go ogle guys in suits to your heart's content!!

    I'll be in Syd this w/e, get in first thing Sat leave Sun arvo.. let me know if you're free and wanna catch up! =)