13 April 2008

Red Bull Flugtag in Sydney!

Hearing: Low – Flo Rider

Red Bull Flugtag – First time in Australia and Sydney plays host from Mrs Maquarie Chair (opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens). What more could you ask for on a sunny Autumn Sunday afternoon than to watch people dive off a 6 meter platform into cold water for fun, fame and fortune??
The atmopshere was buzzing with families, tourists and friends out to enjoy the day. My brother and i winded our way through the massive crowds that had congregated around the edges of the water to get a better view looking for our own one on higher ground. We eventually found a good spot after walking past the marshalling areas, several large screen TVs, food stalls, showers (yes portable showers!) and loos.
We had so much fun. We could hear the commentary, see the competitors and a large screen for a more close up view. The only thing was we had 3 palms in our way which wasnt such a pain execpt for when i was trying to record little clips on my camera of the jumps. All in all, it was such a fun day, everyone was in good spirts, the kind where strangers just strike up conversations and kids throw around a beach ball and the whole crowd gets into it. I really enjoyed myself – the dives and the pre-dive 'shows were hilarious! Hope they hold it again next year!
So enjoy the photos! And now that Blogger has video – i might post up one of a spectacular dive (though dont count on it being too clear – my cameras zoom only goes so far!)

How crowded is it!!

Not a bad backdrop..

Walking past the Marshalling area...below - Team Mullet actually managed to get quite far and one of their guys landed without getting wet (see clip below)

They had several of these screens everywhere so people could still see what was going on even if they didnt have a good view. Also some shots of competitors before taking the dive...

Four Men and a Butterfly - you cant get funnier then old men dressed in bright pink tutus chasing one of their team members with large bright fluro yellow nets.

Every time a team dived boats standing by would zoom in to pick up the wet teams and their soggy crafts to make way for the next flyers/divers....

No there is nothing wrong with your eyes, its a sausage, a bottle of ketchup and cutlery...these guys actually did really well (see clip below) - their pre-dive was pretty good too - the knife and fork chased a sausage till the ketchup came to the rescue LOL!

The only kind of fly hanging around that day...and i guess after tap-dancing penguins one attempting to fly isnt so far fetched.

This is where all those broken-up soggy crafts end up...probably what has taken days/weeks to put together gone in a few hilarious seconds.

The clips...




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    THAT kind of diving, hehe, I thought DIVING diving, as in, diving boards and tought, wha?? Then I saw the pics. Hilarious!!! Wish I'd been in Sydney I would have come watched with you!! Hell funny, esp the sausage & friends!!