08 March 2008

It looooong overdue i know...

Hearing: local street noise

Yes i should hang my head in shame, i cant believe it myself, neglecting blogger for months!! So wrong, just so, so wrong. So i will update, i am getting my butt into gear this time. Just a quick not on what i've been up to for now and will recap everything in more detail later.

After returning from Damascus, Syria last year i spent most of my time looking for work. I finally landed a job with an IT recruitment company in the city. Very nice bunch of people, friendly and down to earth and I'm really enjoying myself. Its a small company but i like that, everyone knows each other and its like a little family. Plus the bonus is that its in the IT field which is another love of mine. But don't worry my posts wont go all tech-geek on you. So i've been getting re-introduced to the IT industry and how things work and its been interesting.

I have also been catching up with friends, old school friends, airline friends, uni friends...that has been fun too. Weird on occasion but mainly fun. Especially to see how things have progressed in the 2 years i've been away...Also I'm just enjoying being back in Sydney again. There are things i miss like my friends back in the Sandpit and lifestyle aspects and then there are things i don't. So all in all I'm happy with where I'm at now. Besides when my friends fly into Sydney i get to catch up with them here so its pretty cool.

As for travel - oooh that's a sore spot...I'm missing it dreadfully, the ability to fly wherever whenever at low, low prices arrgh!!! And with only the weekends off and annual leave too far to consider at the moment....*sigh*

So for now i will be updating and hopefully back-post about the rest of my Damascus trip when i can and anything else that wont bore the pants of anyone (please this blog is G rated) LOL!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.


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  1. G rated??? And here I was thinking I'd be getting some goss ;)

    Glad to hear work is going well, I've been vry remiss in my emails havent I????