25 March 2008

Gotta love 4 days off...

Hearing: Office noise

Im on my lunch break for another 20mins and i figure why not update?

The Great Australian Muster - Also known as the Easter Show! Its rides making you throw up, buckets full of fairy floss, the showbags, the food, the shows, the animals and just a pretty cruisy day out.

Naturally its been a while since ive been there and i have my "rituals" just like everyone else probably does (even if they dont admit it). So Easter Sunday my friend the Cookie Monster and i headed out for what was a very enjoyable and fun day. I had my list of "must do" which is making sure i have that delicious iced lemonade, perfect on a hot day, and checking out the different shows.

So the cookie monster and i set out for a full day there. The weather man predicted cold and rain so i opted for a black top and singlet underneath and took along a light cardie in case it got too cold...i wound up boiling, getting a tan and very pink cheeks by the end of the day...After walking for ages in the sun we stretched out on some grass in the shade and cooled off for a bit just listening to the families, the screams and laughter from the nearby rides but i think the sun eventually got to us. Instead of staying for the evening show and fireworks we headed home...7hrs later!!

But there is a funny story i just have to share here and im sure the CM wont mind. It involves the chilli tasting stall and a dare...heehee. My friend the CM likes to brag about how good he is at handling chilli and spicy foods as opposed to me who cant handle even the mildest of flavours. Anyhoo, he heads off to the chilli stand intent on trying to get me to try some hot chilli (yeah right!) but i only try a very very mild one 1/10. And then i spy a very evil plan marked 10++/10 and i dare him to try it. He's like sure thing i can take that - bless him - and takes a bite...LMAO!!!! Not 2 seconds later his face is red, mouth open panting and hiccuping from the intensity of the chilli! I felt so guilty i shouted him an ice cream to cool the burn... he said later that his tounge and roof of his mouth were well and truely scalded!

And then there was my first attempt at a barbeque when we had our neighbours over for lunch (more tanning and pink cheeks) on Monday. Just your typical food, flies, and banter around the table. I really enjoyed that. It took a while to start the fire but then it was ok. My neighbour didnt try to interfere which was nice but i kinda wanted him to! And his kid was sweet helping out a bit too.

Other than that, since my last post i have been doing some self study with Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver and getting some practice on driving a manual car (i already have a full license on an automatic). Im happy to say that i only stalled it twice at the very begining and now im just a bit slow with taking off and changing gears - methinks i need more practice...

I'll try to upload some photos from the Easter Show when i can.

In the meantime its back to work for me, times up!!


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