02 October 2007

Damascus, Syria

Hearing: My grandma and cousin talking in the living room.

I'm back in Damascus Syria. I arrived about a week ago. This trip is supposed to be for a month my last bit of freedom before knuckling down and getting a job to pay the bills. So far it hasn't really been eventful but there have been some very pleasant moments. My favorites have been my night rides on my cousins motorbike...here its not mandatory to wear a helmet – dangerous i know – but its such a wonderful feeling feeling the wind on your face, feel it ruffle your hair, your vision not impeded by the covering and limitations of a helmet. That has been wonderful.

And now that i have a bit more time I'm getting to know my younger cousins a little better which so far has been a very sweet experience. They are so affectionate, mischievous and ambitious about their future. I have been surprised with them too, one with her ability to speak English very well alongside her brother, another with her sweet temper and ready affection towards me though she doesn't know all that well, another with his blush of pride while showing me his fashion creations.

Not everything is peachy here but i am grateful for these things. And I'm stocking up on memories just in case i don't get a chance to visit here again anytime soon. I should be here to the end of Ramadan and the Eid (a 3 day celebration after Ramadan) is something! Everyone is in their best clothing, everyone is visiting friends and family, there are a lot of traditional sweets, kids play on swings and such set up specifically for the occasion in local squares, family members give money to kids younger sisters/brothers who are perhaps not so well off, everyone is generous, and some even decorate like people do at Christmas.

So i had better leave off for now as its time for Suhor (pre-dawn breakfast) and i'll try to post again soon. Hope everyone is keeping well.


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