07 September 2007

The online life and APEC

Hearing: Random music (Radio - Nova 96.9)

Anyone living in Sydney will know about the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting taking place and how its making Sydney-siders and tourists suffer. There are barricades along main roads and parts of the city blocked off - even on particular days the whole forshore of Circular Quay (where the Sydney Opera House is) will be closed and even Bondi Beach!! Apparently the cost of securing Sydney for the world leadrers is $170 million. So imagine how embarassing it must be for organisers to get a security breach! The guys from ABC's The Chaser program (click to see the whole clip from their APEC breach) led a motorcade through 2 security checkpoints before being stopped a block away from the hotel G. Bush is staying at! Ive also added a link to a video clip from Australias The Age newspaper. Most of the media that night were saying how stupid it was and that the stupidity of the program and people involved overshadows that security was breached......EXCUSE ME???? I mean yeah ok it was stupid, the situation could have escilated really fast and people could have gotten hurt but it DOES NOT overshadow the fact that they got through 2 checkpoints!! They even had a guy dressed as Osama Bin Laden for heavens sake!! I could go on but i think anyone with half a brain gets the gist.

Ok so yesterday i was catching up with a friend of mine and he mentioned facebook. I am well aware of the popularity of the networking site, the media giving it even more attention, the facebook vs myspace debate and i have also recieved a few requests to join from my friends. But i have not joined. Now the signup page is open while i type this up....and im thinking about it. Now im back in Oz, there are a lot of my friends back in the sandpit that i would like to stay in touch with. And of course the thing about facebook is you cant view if you dont join. I could join and just view but knowing me eventually i'll be sucked in too...but thats not really a bad thing.

The other thing im starting to work on is my journalspace blog. I signed up ages ago but ive only ever included a link to this blog. I was thinking about moving posts there but i like blogger - its simple and fiddle free. Maybe i'll just copy posts there, or link them, dunno, i'll see how it works out. Well thats it for now, i think i'll go sign up to facebook...



  1. Wow! That is pretty amazing. Welcome home btw... look forward to hearing your take on the Emirates experience.

  2. HIII!!
    Ok soooo after almost 6 months of contemplating working for an airline as an FA. I have finally decided to pursue my dream. I have been reading loads and loads of blogs and I've come across 2 or three from Emirates FA's.
    I was wondering...is there any Americans who work for Emirates? There is an open house in Canada which I want to go to, I live in New York, but how do I know if I'm able to apply there. Also I was wondering if you could answer that, as well as help me to debrief! I'm just trying to get a hold of anyone who works for Emirates and knows the interview process. I would love chat more...email me if you want at asuncionnb@hotmail.com...thanks very muchos!!

  3. Hi TF, imin the middle of posting now but im sorry to say both you and Queen Nef are mistaken. I didnt fly with Emirates, i flew with another airline in the sandpit. BTW Queen Nef i've sent you an email.