02 September 2007

The Arrival

Hearing: Trouble -Pink

I know i have been away from blogger for 2 weeks since i made my last post. Now as I'm waiting for my yummy wedges to go crunchy in the oven i figure i can fill everyone in on my arrival and what Ive been upto since landing back in Sydney.

Arriving home, being home, has been a wonderfully soothing and refreshing transition. As we descended into Sydney i noticed that the weather was overcast and looked like rain. Yay! It rained for the whole week. Since i was still adjusting to the time differences i got to sleep under a cosy doona while i could hear the pouring rain outside. Bliss! Mum, knowing what i ate back in the sandpit, spoiled me rotten cooking for me "proper" and delicious meals...

I didn't go anywhere for a few days. It was nice just to relax at home and not have to think or stress about anything flight related even though i dreamt of it often enough. Like the first or second night when i woke up thinking i was in a hotel in Geneva. Actually for the whole of the first week i dreamt every night of operating some flight and woke up feeling really beat. Thankfully I'm past that now.

Yesterday i caught up with Alastair who was in Sydney on a layover. I hadn't seen him since his leaving the sandpit almost a year ago and he is now with an Aussie low-cost airline which he likes and is treating him really well. We caught up over breakfast at Manly overlooking the beach - his idea - the ferry ride was a bonus! We didn't have so much time but I'm sure now that I'm back i'll be able to see lots more of him so it wasn't so bad.

I have been keeping tabs on my ex-company in the meantime through friends. Two of my close friends have already resigned since i left and another 2 are seriously considering it. I know Tigerfeet wanted to know what was so bad about the company that made me eager to resign and as promised i will make a post about it now that i have left.


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