10 August 2007

Last layover and flight

Hearing: CNN news

I was called off standby to do this Paris layover and so my Cochin turnaround was cancelled. The new hotel here is worse than the old one which i didnt think was possible. I mean its nice and clean but theres no tea/coffee facilities in your room (only in the crew lounge where i am now) and no free breakfast like our previous hotel. Also its in the middle of nowhere, the last one was near a village which you could at least take a walk in but this one is just surrounded by airport and if you want to do anything you have to take a shuttle to the airport...drab. Hmmm didnt mean to start out with that.

Ok so anyways, its my last flight and ive been taking photos with a friend of mine who also got pulled from standby onboard. Ive been noting every "last" and each time getting a mix of relief and sadness. I still believe im doing the right thing though. BTW i asked my company for a reference letter and the answer i got was "we dont give reference letters just employment letters" and then when i asked for that they said "you can get it from HR when you leave." Gee how nice, wonder what they would have said if i hadnt resigned yet.

So after i arrive back from this layover i have to return all "company property" and get signatures etc before handing over my ID/license/passport etc to HR. They are meant to give me my final payment for last month, this month and 2mths basic pay for the 2 yrs ive been with them. I expect to be screwed around till the last possible minute before i get my due pay as they did the same to a friend of mine - gave him a cheque at the airport!!! What use is that?? But i'll keep my fingers crossed that i get it sooner as im flat broke at the moment since ive paid off my credit cards. Also i'll probably have to double check that they have processed my repatriation ticket...

Off to try and get some food.


  1. Anonymous11:09 am

    enjoy your last Paris layover! wish you a smooth flight back and hope everything goes well!

  2. Oh i did - got one of the best photos on my way out of Paris too!