13 August 2007

Feeling pensive

Hearing: Say it right - Nelly Furtado

I think that maybe just the act of packing and moving causes some melancholy. I think it must be natural that this comes with change. I'm packing (or trying to - I'm a horrible procrastinator) and most of my stuff is on the floor or on my bed. Hardly any of it is in my suitcases. Why I'm feeling pensive though i cant pinpoint and its bugging me. I should be happy - elated and packing with enthusiasm. Maybe I'm just tired.

Ive been running around today and yesterday trying to get everything done, and I'm almost done. It hasn't been pleasant. I'm even more broke due to the number of taxis Ive had to take but at least the chunk of the work is done. I just have one more trip into the office tomorrow morning and that's it. If this resignation run around they call "procedure" has given me anything its a reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. My final pay is still proving to be tricky, the ticket is worked out - though i wont get it or my passport back till I'm at the airport the day of my departure (told you - its deportee style). Ive handed back my uniform and everything else though what on earth they are going to do with it is beyond me. The uniform is fitted and has been worn for 2 years, they cant possibly give it to someone else surely?? I'll be getting charged for a missing skirt and scarf btw... :(

Hmmm - i should get back to it, enough procrastinating. Ive made my coffee put in the laundry, read Trays blog, emailed friends...maybe i could put some movie on my laptop while i work...i wont watch it or anything, it'll just be background noise....I'm hopeless, i know.


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