18 August 2007

The departure.

Hearing: Boarding music

Relief swept through me as i passed through the barriers at immigration and a smile awoke on my lips. I'd finally left. I was away and free. Yes i still had a hell of a long flight ahead of me but i was going home.

My 'deportation' wasn't so bad. I still didn't get my passport or ticket in had till i was to go through immigration. Thankfully i had a friend there who helped to keep my spirits up.

It is so hot right now, the APU is not working and we don't have a ground supply Air Con. I can imagine what the crew are going through; the heat is enough but we're delayed because our flight time will make us arrive into Sydney airport before curfew.

So I've said my "goodbyes" or "see you's" to my friends... a few way more difficult than others. To my closest friends Oli, Tomas, Manju, Elaine and Komora thankyou for making this experience and chapter in my life memorable, warm and......bearable. I will miss you deeply and i hope to see you all again. I wish you best of luck and happiness, stay in touch.

So for now goodbye from a stiflingly hot aircraft,



  1. Anonymous11:42 am

    have a smooth flight back and a very good start into your new life!!!

  2. Thanks! Im looking forward to it!