24 July 2007

Resignation Proceedures

I have just returned from a trip to the office. I just went in to find out what i needed to do before leaving and ended up doing my exit interview where, and trust me when i say this, i didnt hold back from saying anything. It was another relief to put one more step behind me. After my final day of flying, i am to return some company stuff, uniform/manuals/etc, get signatures and then hand in my passport, ID etc to finalise any paperwork. I already know the date I'm supposed to leave and that makes me feel great.

The time I've left now means packing and finalising all my stuff here (thankfully i get an extra 40kg to ship stuff home), seeing my friends and enjoying the time i have with them. Anyways, i should go, Oli is dropping by and we have loads to catch up on.



  1. what didn't you like about your airline? I thought of joining for many years, but ultimately didn't. It always seems like one of the most glam, fun carriers out there....

  2. Hi TF, there were a bunch of reasons for leaving including some dislikes about the company but I'll mention it in another post once ive actually left...just in case.

  3. look forward to hearing your thoughts! I think some of the other FA blogs from this airline present a very rosy pictures, interested to hear about the non-rosy sid. good luck with the move!