18 July 2007

Lion Park - Johannesburg, South Africa

Hearing: Say it Right - Nelly Furtado

I loved it! Even though its not exactly a safari in the wild, its still interesting. We drove through vast areas of land to see the Zebras, Wildebeest and (im not sure about this) a bunch of kudu (kudus?).

We then drove through different "camps" where the lions were. Boy did we get close!! The guide was pretty good telling us all sorts of stuff about the animals. Like did you know that the Wildebeest is a scardy-cat? That there is a difference between white lions and albino lions?

There was bit of a gross moment when i got giraffe saliva all over my hand and sleeve of my jacket. But they are wonderful creatures. They had a stand built up so you could be 'level' with them and feed them too if you wanted. And they KNOW when you have food trust me. The best, i have to say, like pretty much everyone else, was the lion cub visit. They were so adorable. Mostly they wanted to sleep but they didnt mind so much if you patted them. Its really amazing being with them, a baby wildcat is still a wildcat and its a rare experiance. Im really lucky.

Here are a bunch of photos i took. Bet you can guess which is my fav.


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