22 July 2007

Floods and Potter Mania

I write this as I'm going through CNNs Harry Potter news videos. I cant remember if I've said this before but i am a Potter fan. I haven't seen the new movie yet but i have a couple of days off coming up so i will be hitting the cinemas first thing. The book....I'm going to wait and make sure i don't run into any spoilers and hope my flatmate keeps her mouth shut since she just bought the book today. Shes a bit of a Potter fan too and is dragging her boyfriend off to see the movie tonight. I, unfortunately have a flight but its a short one so not a big deal.

Tomorrow I'm on available (which means crewing can give me whatever they like) fingers crossed for an off since i have a dentist visit to go to and then if Oli can manage, we're catching up. After that I've 2 days off. Its going to be difficult to resist the temptation to buy the book and get into it but i am determined not to get it. I would like to buy it from duty free as i leave here and head home. I'll have loads of time to kill on the flight back to Sydney and what a better way to get over the embarrassment of a deportation than in the realms of the Harry Potter world. You see here, once you resign they literally escort you to immigration to make sure you leave and it can be quite embarrassing, even though you have chosen to resign they still treat you as a deportee. It wont be a nice experience. So Harry Potter will be lovely compensation and an indulgent treat though it will be very sad to see the story finally come to an end.

It is funny how such hype about the release of the book was not dampened by the weather. The rain i mentioned in my last post flooded areas of England and over 100 flights were cancelled, roads were closed, some tube stations were not operational and it was chaos. I saw one picture in a newspaper of a guy rescuing someone from their 4x4 through the sunroof. The nearby flood sign said it was at 6feet and no joke the whole 4x4 was immersed in water with just the roof showing. Despite all this - people still queued up for the midnight release and braved the downpour of rain, thunder, lightning and wind. Now that's dedication! Or madness...


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