15 July 2007

Eww Gross...

What do you do when the galley drain starts overflowing and builds up such momentum that the liquid runs down the aisle past pax and 11 rows of seats??? Laugh of course!!! Who do you blame it on? The guy who jinxed it. The silver lining? Its top-of-descent.

For no reason at all a drain in my galley got sick and decided to throw up loads of water which thankfully was clear though not clean. Even closing the water shut-off valve didnt help. When it did ease and stop i went to get some used blankets to soak up the water during landing. Unfortunately a few minutes later there was a stream running down the right-hand side of the cabin past weary business class onlookers.

I must have piled loads of blankets into that galley just to stop anymore from going down the aisle. A potential safety hazard but a water logged floor in an emergency isnt better. But we had to laugh, the look of the pax faces and the sheer "what tha?" of the situation not to mention it was just before landing so we didnt have to deal with it very long made the situation more funny than it would have been otherwise. The guys down the back earlier had found that the sinks in the toilets were regurgitating brown liquid and so much so that it too, was leaking out into the cabin.

Who do we blame for this?? The crew who jinxed the whole thing. He was just saying how on a previous flight this had happened and thankfully it hadnt on this flight (yeah right) and moments later - the drains protested.

Other than that, my first and last Johannesburg flight went without a hitch. I had really nice crew and a lovely Aussie CM (who looks a bit like Hilary Duff i think, though others may and probably will disagree) and an easy going flight deck. The layover was nice, we went for a steak dinner the first night (YUM!) and the next day 4 of us went on a tour to the Lion Park (cute cubs galore!) Photos to come later. For now i should get some brekkie.


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  1. Haha... too funny!!! we had a similar thing happen with the loo on a flight last week... we hated the particular aircraft before, but now it's earned the nickname of "Stinky", despite the thorough stripping of the carpet!