25 July 2007

Coffee catch ups

Hearing: I'm not missing you - Stacy Orrico

There is something so wonderful and comforting about catching up with friends over coffee especially when its with really close friends. Oli and Tomas are 2 of my closest friends here. We started together and though we don't really see much of each other we keep in touch and when we do get together its wonderful. We tease and talk and laugh. We share everything about whats going on in our lives, can be honest and there is a comfort in knowing you can just pick up where you left off.

It was such an afternoon for me that made me realise what I'll be missing when i leave. I will miss you guys so much! Make sure you come visit me when you come to Sydney.

Speaking of which, I'm on Sydney standby tomorrow and I've
already told crewing that if anyone calls in sick to pull me out first. It would help me a lot as i want to ship some of my heavier stuff home, its one of the cool things about being crew, you don't have a weight limit. As yet no one has called in sick...bummer, but I'll pack and be ready anyway. Fingers crossed.


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