30 July 2007

Change is in the air.

There must be something going on. Not only am i leaving but at least 2 of my friends are going to also. Another friend has changed almost overnight from being this shy decent guy to a guy who no longer thinks girls have cooties. Our building security guards are being changed over to a different company too! I'm going to miss them, they are really nice and are even willing to bend the rules for you...i know I'm leaving and it wont matter - its just sad is all.

In other news items, I've been trying to plan this get together before i go with my friends but the most suitable date (3rd) is when it seems everyone is flying! So i guess I'm going to have to try to see everyone when i can which i can tell will be problematic with me trying to fit everyone in around my days off, paper work for leaving etc... Oh well cant really do much about that.

Now here's something you may find interesting. I went for a manicure today (no that's not the interesting bit) and i don't normally go unless I've been severely biting my nails. Anyway I've always known that a lot of people who work here have very dismal salaries and work conditions (see this post i made last year) and today i chatted to the lady doing my nails. Get a load of this: She gets paid half of my basic salary and less than a quarter of my total salary. She has been here 6mths and will stay here for 2 years to support her husband, 8yo son and her parents back in the Philippines. She works 12hr days/6days a week. She doesn't get a free annual leave ticket home and every 2mths she has to take a plane trip out of the country and back (paid by her company) because they wont process a resident visa for her. She also lives in a 3br apartment with 19 - count them - 19 other employees! And shes really nice.

And on that note, i count my blessings once again.



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