21 July 2007

Adieu London

Hearing: Soul Mate - Natasha Beddingfield London.

I'm really going to miss you.

Yesterday i arrived into horrid weather. It was pouring! A storm made it seem as though it was still the middle of winter. For a long while i gave up hope of being about to go out and see my loved city for the last time. Even after sleeping a few hours it still didn't clear. Normally i would have been content to sit in my room and watch the rain but i yesterday i wanted to go out, i didn't want to miss my last chance to see the city. Someone up there must like me as it cleared up around 2pm and i headed out with my umbrella just in case.

Now as i sit in my hotel room looking out at the scene in front of me, i can see my first trip here, the excitement i felt, the streets of London as i walked around yesterday. I went back to a few places like Tower Bridge and Tower of London, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Charring Cross Rd. I had hoped to see the latest Harry Potter Movie at the Odeon in Leicester Square but the screening ended at 11.30 which meant that it would take forever to get back to the hotel and i had an early pick up the next morning. If it wasn't for that i would have stayed, watched the movie and went to the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book to see the excitement and the madness. I would have loved to buy the book from there.

Being a Friday, as i walked around i saw the effect of the new ban on smoking (I'll post a photo when i get back) and i had to laugh. You gotta love the Brits, they wont be discouraged!!

I do feel sad about leaving here. One of my regrets about resigning is that i wont see this place anymore. That's not to say that when i did get layovers here i went into the city every time (it can be a hike in). But just being here, breathing the air seeing the greenery, i feel very much at home here. And it totally sux, more than sux, that i don't know if or when i will get the chance to see it again.
As the clouds move gently over the sky and the weather is at once warm yet cool, its time for me to get ready and bid Adieu to London.


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