24 June 2007

The Pyramids of Giza

Hearing: Ba3ish - Tamer Hosny (Saw his recent movie "Omar wa Salma" while in Cairo. It was really funny.)

I'm back. Having breakfast at the mo (cheese and coffee - feeling pretty lazy today). 5 days in Cairo was intense. Its probably cruel to say but most of the time i felt like a walking dollar sign. Other than that it was truly a unique experience. The trip didn't really go as i wished but i was expecting that. When you travel with people who haven't travelled before it can be difficult and tiresome. I shan't say more than that since it would probably take over this post, all i will say is that next time, as much as i love my family, I'm booking a tour and going on my own!

Since I've got so much to do, I cant really type that much and i also i don't really feel like it so I'll let my photos do the talking for me today.

View from the hotel

Giza Pyramids

The Sphinx

Step Pyramid

The highest Pyramid near Saqqara - (you can see the Step Pyramid from the top of the stairs)

Outside the Egyptian Museum (no photos were allowed inside)

Inside the Al Azhar Mosque

We also went to Khan Al Khalili. We got harassed endlessly by sellers and beggars. Didn't take any photos there, sorry.

One day we spent cooling off in the hotel pool before going on a Nile cruise which was lovely. Sorry bout the reflections.

Anyway i better get started on my to-do list and have it done before going to the airport. I pick mum up later today since she stayed on in Cairo an extra day with the others. Take care all.


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