07 June 2007

Lunch at the Louvre

Chatter from cafe behind me, kids and people in front of the Louvre.

In front of me i can see the other side of the Louvre and the glass pyramids that serves as one of the entrances to the museum. The grounds are full of people, kids, tour groups, families and tourists of all shapes and sizes. To my right the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and a faded Eiffel Tower. You see, its not the best of weather, its overcast and looks foggy but at least its not raining.
Mum and i have just come out of the Louvre to have a bite to eat and relax before heading for Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. Ginormous might begin to describe the vastness that is the Louvre Museum, we cut our visit short and we're in there for over 3 hours! HA! It is a maze of paintings, sculpture, artifacts, frescoes and people. As to be expected, the main spots were crowded and the more out of the way - special interest places less so. All in all, worth the trip - yes i did see the Mona Lisa - yes it is small considering all the fuss and yes there is something about the eyes and smile. I have to say though, this visit has made me realise how much i like sculptures. I think its amazing to get a piece of stone so smooth and to show such human and life like expression and movement.

Our flight back home is tonight so we'll head out to the airport after Montmartre. I'll have to update the rest of the trip when i get home and upload all the photos too. Till then, take care,


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