12 June 2007

I should be packing.

Hearing: One day I'll fly away - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.

I'm going to Damascus this arvo. I should be packing and getting ready but as you can see I'm procrastinating.

Mums birthday yesterday was really nice. She was so surprised with all the flowers i bought for her. 5 bouquets in total, 10 flowers in each since she is turning 50. I asked the florist to deliver them and then took one single blue rose (dyed of course but beautiful) home when i returned with the cake. She loved the rose but there was more in store.

When the flowers arrived i got them and then came in with the 1st bouquet, she was so surprised! Then i went and got the other and she was like "2! What on earth
made you get me 2?" and i laughed and said "well this is for your birthday and this is for your birthday, clear? No? Okay, I'll say it again, this is for your birthday and this is for you birthday..." And she cried, like all mothers do and i got hugged and kissed and had to drag myself away to get the other 3 bouquets.

I think, ladies and gents, if you want to shut your mum up, 5 bouquets do the trick, she was speechless and kept staring at them around her at a total loss to express herself in any way. Not that i wanted to shut her up of course, shes not the nagging, constantly talking kind. But i think its safe to say i made her day. Of course now the whole house smells like flowers which is quite nice too.

As for going to Damascus, it'll be my first trip in 7years. I'm only going for a few days and no doubt it'll be hectic. I'm a little nervous about how it will be and at the same time excited over seeing everyone and seeing how all my cousins have grown. Of course it all depends on if i get a seat - don't you just love travelling standby? Ok better go hop in the shower and get ready.


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  1. Awww... aren't you just a total sweetheart?! Your mum's face would have been a picture!! (BTW, I *finally* wrote your letter today, posting it tomorrow!!)