27 May 2007

A yearly thing

Hearing: Chatter from classroom next door.

I have just returned from a quick aircraft visit (B777-300). The rest of the class are in the cafeteria getting something cold to drink and I'm up here cooling off in front of the air conditioner. Summer is truly underway with temperatures continuing to climb into the mid 40s in August. The aircraft we visited was undergoing some general maintenance and unfortunately there was no ground supply or APU (Auxilary Power Unit) aircon and everyone melted within seconds of the stifling heat inside. Still theres something about being able to walk upto an aircraft on ground and being inside without the whole customer service perspective that is so wholly raw aviation and i will never get tired of it, same as i will never get tired of watching or being in take-offs and landings.

On the way there i gave A- a quick call to see how he was doing. His latest news is that he has been accepted to fly with VirginBlue back home. He will be based in Melbourne and so has to move there from Perth and i imagine the arrangements are keeping him busy. Congrats A, DJ is lucky to have you.

Well the class is slowly trickling back in and i have 2 hrs of Crew Resource Management to sit through not to mention another 2 days still to come, tomorrow Safety and Emergency and the last day First Aid. Anyways better go,


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