01 May 2007

Earring Addict

(Edited to add photos)

Hearing: Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers

I was out picking up some much needed stockings with a friend when the accessories stand caught my eye. Now anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with earrings and not just any old pair, the longer and funkier the better. My friend K- asked me "How many do you have? Bout 50 or 80 you think?" I was like "yeah right, i don't have that many!" Well i just counted them and i have, wait for it..... 71! Not including the "work" pair.


"My name is VP and I'm an earring addict."

From left to right, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, Brussels, Bangkok.

I should post up some pics of my favorite pairs. I'll take some photos and post them up when i add the photos of my trip to Munich. I hadn't been there since before
Christmas last year. It was a Sunday and the village of Landshut was holding a Spring Festival complete with Ferris wheel. My recently married friend D- (from my Frankfurt layover - Congrats hun!) was on my flight and she sportingly put up with me as i dragged her up the steep climb to see Burg Trausnitz, the castle of the village.

Burg Traunitz and a view over the fair.

Finally having reformatted my lappie (its as good as new now), i spent most of today on the Internet researching Egypt accommodation/tours for my next attempt to see the place during my leave in June (yes I'm aware it'll be very hot). And I've also been trying to find someone to swap my CMN (Casablanca) with. No luck. Tomorrow i have a turnaround JED (Jeddah) flight so I'm off for an early night.


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  1. Ha ha ha... hmm I think I still owe you a pair, as well... just let me know colours and so on..

    Oh, and I WILL post that letter sometime, as well!! :/