09 April 2007

Pantip Plaza

Hearing: How long - Hinder

Im on 2 days off atm. I arrived back from BKK 2.30am this morning and slept in till 1.30pm today....naughty i know. I was very tired from my lack of sleep with weird flight times and flying back to back (i had DAC just before BKK). Anyways, in BKK i headed out to Pantip Plaza with my CM. Its a 5 floor haven for everything IT related so naturally the nerd in me was very excited and eager to check the place out. I was particularly interested in seeing how much an external HDD would cost for my laptop. Long story short, i ended up with a massive headache, my CM too. There was so much to look at, so many prices, brands, customisations etc it got confusing and a bit daunting. I decided i would postpone buying the HDD and instead bought a tiny new 1GB Kingston Flash drive which only set me back 390BHT! Despite the headache i think Pantip is going to be one of my favourite places.


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