26 April 2007



Ive been waking up at 8am for the past 2 days now. Its kinda annoying cuz i get sleepy way too early too and kinda good cuz i get a lot of stuff done. The flight home was ok - our CM was a bit skitzo on the way back, he kept on at us for every little detail, i think he was probably just tired as he mellowed out a little after he got some sleep onboard.

Checking out Trays comment in my last entry reminded me of a few more things to add to Flying 101, hers being a big one. The last thing FAs want to do is wake you up to put your seatbelt on. Its really simple, the seatbelts can be extended and you can still sleep comfortably with them on - trust me I've done it. The other thing i hate to mention, especially when it applies to business and sometimes first class pax is this. Don't touch the bread! Allow me to explain. When we do a meal service, very often we provide a variety of bread for pax to choose from and it is usually presented in a bread basket. You point, we use a tong and put it on your bread plate. Simple. But i have lost count of the times pax touch the bread. Its gross guys, even if its the bread your taking, the person next to you will still be grossed out, just don't do it.

Catering is a big issue onboard. Cabin crew are not responsible for how many chicken, beef, or fish meals we get so when we say sorry is Veg or some other meal ok, don't throw a tantrum, really there is nothing we can do. Catering give us a certain number of each choice depending on how many pax we have and its not always possible to give you your option - this applies to all classes. I can only suggest you check in early and get the seats at the front of the cabin as usually the service starts there.

One thing that makes me love some pax is when they get out of their seat and come to the galley either to throw something out, return a coffee cup, or ask for something. Its really nice especially on long flights. It gives them a chance to stretch their legs and gives us a chance to sit down and not trip over feet in the dark. Sometimes if we're busy we might just ask what seat your in and say we'll bring whatever it is you want to you, but either way you've saved us half the trip and made our job that little bit easier.

Right so I'm off to make lunch, its a bit early but i can watch The O.C. while its simmering on the stove and it should be nice and hot by the time I'm hungry. Ciao.


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