15 April 2007

If you've eaten the whole cow, why leave the tail?

Hearing: Bliss - Hinder

Some days are just good.

I spent most of yesterday with my friend K. We spent the first part of it chatting over coffee and picking up a few groceries and then it turned into a race to get a decent set of speakers for my lappie. I spent sooo much...I didnt just buy speakers but also an external HDD - a Western Digital MyBook 500GB one to be exact. The 1st set of speakers i bought turned out to be the wrong ones, more suited to a home theatre than PC. I was going to just postpone returning the set when K told me of a Swahili saying "If you've eaten the whole cow, why leave the tail?" so we raced back to the shopping mall to exchange, finally found the one i was after (Philips) bought it, installed it and turned the music up LOUD!!!

I was so happy finally having loud music i lost no time dancing around my room with K laughing his head off at me. My flatmates wore grim expressions while passing on their congrats over my new purchase. LOL! But i promised them id be good, no loud music unless both were on layovers or out...

Its not that i spent money yesterday that made it good, it was everything, good friends, good luck, fun childish banter. And of course being the nerd i am, i was looking forward to finally being able to back up all my files and reformat my lappie and get it performing well again.


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