19 April 2007

Flying rules and flying home

Hearing: traffic

After doing two long turnarounds i realised i hadn't been adding to my Flying 101 rules. What brought this lovely post back to mind? Well, i yet again saw a pax go into the lav without shoes. I have been a FA in all classes, First, Business and Economy and it continues to baffle me why people don't wear shoes into the lavs.

On one flight a colleague of mine couldn't resist asking a business class pax why they were going barefoot, his reply, it keeps his feet cool...well that's all well and good but seriously...gross!!! Dude its filthy in there! Yes the cleaners clean it, we clean it too but its not going to be like home and you cant trust the pax who used it before you. Ive seen how gross they can get and trust me i will never even go in there with socks let alone barefoot.

The other thing i have to mention is for people with aisle seats to be careful of their heads, elbows, knees and feet. I know the seats are cramped and its so easy to stretch out into the aisle but just so you have been warned, you will end up with a bruise somewhere. We try very had to maneuver our carts so we don't hit anyone but the carts are heavy and sometimes we do have accidents. When the cabin is dark its even worse, we can barely see where we're going and tripping over your feet isn't fun for us nor you.

Right so those two rules off my mind now i can say this....I'm flying home tomorrow!!!! I'm operating my first flight into Sydney and I'm so excited. I cant wait to be paid to go home LOL!!! I was also just thinking about how weird it will be to be arriving at Sydney Airport as crew and going through immigration, customs and walking out those doors in arrivals as crew and in uniform...Bizarre. Ive only ever gone through as a pax and only ever watched other airline crew come through. Before i was crew i used to wonder what it would be like and i guess now will be my opportunity to walk in their footsteps and experience the whole thing myself. Should be interesting.



  1. Anonymous4:14 pm

    wow, you had to wait very long, to get an operating flight to your hometown.... enjoy it!

  2. Thanks and trust me, i am!

  3. another rule I htought of today...

    if you don't want to get woken up, put your seatbelt on before you go to sleep and make sure the FA can see it without having to wake you... :p