24 March 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hearing: Waterfall and children playing

I'm in KL, Malaysia and right now I'm sitting in KL Park overlooking the children's water park and the famous Petronas Towers.

Actually i shouldn't be anywhere but on my feet exploring but I'm not feeling very good and had i not requested this flight i would have called in sick and stayed home. But i didn't and this morning i dragged myself out of bed so i could at least see the Petronas Towers and let me tell you while it was so worth it but its also no fun walking when your head feels like its been replaced by a bowling ball.

Anyway, turns out that you can go to the skybridge and the tickets are free but its 1st come 1st served and i missed out...


How cool is the hotel?? Chuppa-Chups on your bath towels!

Petronas Towers

Menara KL
and The Towers by night.