20 March 2007

Home and back again.

Bigger than my body - John Mayer

The Opera House from Circular Quay
So about a week ago i returned from a weeks vacation at home and before any of my friends there get mad at me for not telling them I was coming, can i say in my defence that as much as i wanted to see you guys i just really just needed to be home with my family. I had such limited time and i wanted to spend as much of it with them as possible. Hope you guys understand.

It was good to be home after almost 10 months away. I loved the weather, driving again, circular quay, waking up to mum brewing a fresh pot of coffee, sitting out in my backyard soaking up the sun, staying up late chatting with my mum, teasing my brother and just being home. Yeah it was good to be back home.

And now I'm back to my globetrotting base I'm looking forward to my requested Kuala Lumpur flight in a couple of days!


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