17 February 2007


Hearing: quiet...

Ive just spent the past couple of hours chatting with a very sweet but loud friend of mine so I'm giving my ears a break.

So its been a while since I've posted and thought i should throw in a general update though i haven't actually been on any new trips. So just general news today.

Item 1: My cousin left not long after my return from JFK. She laughed her head off at my forgetting to pack pants - Thanks for your support sis. LOL. I was planning to go to Damascus with her since i had a few days off but some family issues made me rethink the trip. I do miss her, she is great company and we laughed so much together. She really knows how to make me laugh and bring about the best in me. Unfortunately i don't know when I'll get to see her again, i hope i don't have to wait another 7years cuz that would totally suck - 'scuse my language.

Item 2: Manila photos are finally posted (well the were done a while ago but i neglected to post an update). I was planning to get some photos from the girl that went with me on the Taal tours but i think she might have forgotten - oh well.

Item 3: Merrick and Rosso! I used to listen to them all the time back home in Sydney, they really kick-started my mornings. Relevance? Ive been downloading their podcasts and listening to them and they are as good as ever. If any Aussies out there are feeling homesick, this will really cheer you up. Then again it might make you more homesick....hmmm....well at least you'll get a laugh either way.

Item 4: I have annual leave coming up! YAY me! I'm really looking forward to being home catching up with my family and just soaking in Sydney. I cant wait. I have my ticket and my bag is out and ready for me to start packing. I should be heading home on the 6th and will have about 10 days there. Yippee!

Item 5: I caught up with Amanda on a recent layover in London. We got into the "what are we doing/where are we going" discussion. Her and her bf are working there and saving to travel which a lot of Aussies do. She was voicing her thoughts about working in London for a while, being away from home, the future etc and then she asked me when/if i was going home. Ive been thinking about my future for a while now and i have several ideas but I'm not sure which to pursue. I could go into details but this post will end up long and incoherent so when i have sorted my thoughts out I'll post then.

Item 6: Not really and item but a photo of my first henna tattoo i got done on the desert safari i did with my cousin - just cuz i can. I wanted something cooler but the lady was in a rush so i let her do whatever. The safari was mad fun btw, my cousin and i tried sand boarding for the 1st time and we had a blast! We were the only girls to try and when they guys saw us they managed to get the courage to try too and ended up hogging all the boards! Such a great day. Oh and here's a pic of my cousin on the highest dune...it was murder trying to get to the top but we managed and it was worth it. And one of her with the kissing camel, seriously if you stood in front of it and leaned forward, it moved its head in as though it was about to kiss you! How cool is that?

So that's pretty much it from me. Things are quiet at the moment but I'm happy about that, it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading.


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