09 January 2007

You know your sick when...

You sleep with a box of tissues next to your pillow. LOL. *cough* *splutter*

Hearing: Morning traffic

Ok so I've felt it coming on for a couple of day but nothing to worry bout and then my 2nd day in Manila after I get back from the city tour my throat starts really hurting and that carries over to the day trip to Taal Volcano (which i did end up doing with another girl from our crew - Georgiana). On the flight back yesterday my nose kept running that I ended up looking like Rudolf and last night my ears wouldn't let me sleep. It felt like there was water stuck in them but every time I tried to sleep a certain way it would really hurt. And now I've been awake since 8am waiting till the medical clinic opens so I can go see the doc, I'm supposed to have a flight tonight, a short turnaround, but I doubt its a good idea with my ears playing up. I flew once when I had the flu and wow was it painful, I thought my eardrum would burst.

As to the photos from my 2 tours I'll post them as soon as I can - backdated of course. I had such a good time and learned a few things about the Philippines and Manila in the process that even some of the Filipino girls didn't know!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon sweetie x