31 January 2007

New York! New York!

Hearing: Hum of PC

Guido i know you'll want to kill me over this.

In a very flaky move by me, i stupidly (i cant say that word often enough), forgot to pack pants.......yeah i know, how on earth can i forget that right? Ive been asking myself the same question since i got into the hotel and opened my suitcase...and i still don't have an answer. I packed everything else - beanie, scarf, gloves, coat, jumper, 2 woolly tops expecting it to be cold (which it is - it snowed a little last night) and determined to go out with my 2 friends and batch mates. Oh in case your wondering i've already asked 4 girls on the flight if they have a spare pair and if they did well i wouldn't be here would i? Ugh, very stupid.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, i swear. I was really looking forward to going out to Manhattan and taking in the sights even if it is a short layover but now...

I do have another trip at the end of next month but i dont know anyone on that flight and going out alone isnt the same as going out with friends. Did i mention what a stupid move this was?

A very frustrated and annoyed,

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  1. Argh I left this comment a week ago and I don't think it worked... ugh...

    Pity you couldn't have asked the concierge to go and buy you some pants, isn't that what they are there for? Then again I guess with the allowances you get maybe not affordable option?? ;P