13 January 2007

My cousins here!

Hearing: Angel - Sarah Mclachlan

She arrived in the evening on the 11th. It was her first time on an aircraft. I think this visit for her holds a lot of 'firsts'. First time out of Syria. First time away from her family and on her own. First experience of flying standby. First time to the cinemas - today (don't ask).

Unfortunately i couldn't give her a proper welcome since i wasn't feeling too good. And the next morning i woke up early to seriously scary pain in my stomach and echoing all around my torso. It was that intense i woke up my flatmate (i didn't want to scare my cousin) and went to the hospital. I could barley hold myself together i was in so much pain. They put me on a drip and some seriously good meds.......aaaaah relief. It lasted till i got home then it started again not so much as before though. I took the tablets the doc prescribed but they didn't help. My poor cousin watched as i wriggled around in pain then as i fell asleep from exhaustion and then waited till i woke up. Boy did i feel like crap when i saw her just sitting there patiently looking out the window. Definitely not a good start.

After a huge amount of gasbagging and catching up i took her to the cinema. She has never been before and it was a treat. We watched Flushed Away and i could tell she enjoyed herself. Now shes sound asleep while i catch up on some blogging. I have to say I was nervous before her arrival wondering how it would be to see her after 7 years and it is a little weird. I mean i was so eager to have her come visit so by no means am i complaining, its really good to see her again, shes always been like a sister to me. Also i feel as though by seeing her I'm also seeing all my relos in Damascus. I'm just saying i don't think we've found the same footing we were on all those years ago that makes things just flow and be easy. But I'm sure that we'll find it again soon enough.

As for my Istanbul-Edinburgh holiday posts (including photos),
after a month or so, they are all up so you can check them out in the October and November archives. I just have the Manila photos left and i should be right.


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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon sweets!! That sounds scary!!! :/