06 January 2007


Hearing: elevator bells and travel agent on the phone

I'm in one of the hotel lounges next to the travel agents desk. I arrived into Manila yesterday - YAY me! Its my first trip here, i had to request the flight to get it. So devoid of sleep I went out with 2 friends of mine, both Filipinas, to grab a bite. And did we ever! We ordered so much the waiters could barely fit it on the table! S- ordered Escargot (ew - snails) but after working up the nerve I tried it for the first time...they taste fine but the image really makes your skin crawl!!!

In an hour or so i have a city tour, probably on my own but i want to do it and tomorrow I'm thinking of visiting the Taal Volcano, but again the tour is for a whole day and no one else is booked on it. I don't know, i really want to do it but i don't want to go alone, I'll have a think about it and see.


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